Emblematic building in Vevey - Lofts, administrative and exhibition areas

Built in 1919, the Halle Inox is considered by many to be a national treasure. Right in the city center, close to the train station and shops, the Halle Inox was the central factory of the metallurgical engineering company “Ateliers de Constructions Mécaniques” - one of Switzerland's industrial prides until the end. of the last century.

A masterpiece of industrial architecture

Completely and meticulously renovated between 2017 and 2019, many of the building of the original features have been preserved. We find the old openwork brick facades with the characteristic large windows. The interior metal structures and old lightings as well as the period cranes have been preserved.

A profitable investment

La Halle INOX is a representative building that is unique and easily recognizable. The ideal place to host the emblematic head office of a company, a foundation, a sports federation, a research or study center and much more. The building will offer its occupants a dynamic image bringing together a sense of innovation with a strong and traditional anchoring. It presents incredible possibilities in terms of receptions, exhibitions, activities of all kinds and accommodation.

Partially let, this building can also generate significant profitability.

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